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Why jump on the Vape Bandit Bandwagon?

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes at Vape Bandit for the last month or so.

Mainly due to putting our heads down and making sure we had all the best vaping liquids readily available for our customers. But, now the smoke has cleared (ahem, excuse the pun), we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves, how we got started back in January and why we want you to jump on the Vape Bandit bandwagon.

We’re a pretty social lot here at Vape Bandit. We enjoy a laugh with friends, a night out and even (shock, horror) the occasional tipple. However, we found over the years that our social ways had helped us pick up a not-so-social habit – ciggies!

Indeed, indulging in the occasional whisky-fuelled drag had soon become an everyday thing for us and many of our peers. So, we wanted to find a way to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with having a stress-relieving puff, without the many negative side effects.

After some internet trawling, we stumbled upon vaping

Vaping simulates smoking through the use of non-toxic e-Liquids that create vapour. While vaping seemed to have taken off in Europe, it had gained barely any attention in New Zealand. Something we found odd given that the Ministry of Health reports around 13 deaths a day from smoking related disease.

So, in the name of research, we decided to get our hands on some of these fake cigarettes and see if they could really give us the hit we craved. And, hey presto, we bloody loved them! Flavours galore, the same throat-hit as a real cigarette and no nasty lingering stank or health downfalls – jackpot.

And so began our journey to becoming Vape Bandits. While we immediately jumped on the vaping bandwagon ourselves, we also knew we had to bring this safer alternative to New Zealand to help all the other Smokey Robinson’s out there.

After a few trips to Europe to source the best products (poor us!) and many haze-filled days of vape sampling, we finally whittled it down to the e-Liquids we loved most and wanted to share with Aotearoa.

Bringing this alternative to our beloved New Zealand, we knew we had to be providing only the best, most satisfying and most risk-averse product. We use only PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerol) in our e-Liquids to create the vapour.  Both are non-toxic and widely used in a variety of products for human consumption (including ketchup). All our products are FDA compliant and go through a thorough quality assurance process.

So, what's not to love?

A smoking alternative that gives you everything you enjoy about those naughty cigarettes, but is made up purely of the same ingredients as the tom sauce you put on your saussies – genius!

Put on your bandana and jump on the Vape Bandit Bandwagon mate.