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Skinny Bill - Pink Lemonade


Skinny Bill is a delicious pink lemonade flavour e-Liquid combining a tangy burst of raspberry with the satisfying fizz of lemonade. You can buy this premium NZ vape juice in a variety of sizes and strengths.

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Skinny Bill is a delicious pink lemonade flavour e-Liquid combining a tangy burst of raspberry with the satisfying fizz of lemonade. You can buy this premium NZ vape juice in a variety of sizes and strengths.

Primary Flavours: Raspberry Lemonade
VG/PG Ratio: 60% / 40% or 80% / 20% approx (Max VG)
Packaging: Cardboard Box
Bottle Type: 30mL or 120mL Glass Bottle (Food Grade) with Child-Resistant Dripper Cap

Skinny Bill New Zealand e-liquid by Vape Bandit is carefully composed and thoroughly tested by our team of taste-testers. Our Pink Lemonade e-liquid is rigorously batch controlled, which ensures the highest quality of taste in not just a few bottles, but every bottle.

All of our Raspberry Lemonade e-Juice comes packaged in protective cardboard boxes containing high-quality glass dripper bottles, giving you no chance of plastic leeching or bottle distortion.

As New Zealand’s finest e-Liquid, our Skinny Bill vape juice uses premium grade natural flavouring and vegetable glycerin. Our 30ml and 120ml e-liquids are bottled in glass with a reflective black coating that eliminates tainting from UV rays as well as being washed and disinfected with O³ that ensures your Raspberry Lemonade remains fresh for longer – a must in the NZ summer months!

Our liquids are independently tested for free radicals and contain no diketones – and are certified free from diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin.

We started selling our Pink Lemonade Nicotine e Liquid in 2016. We are proud to now be one of New Zealand's top e Liquid manufacturers, making high quality Pink Lemonade flavour nicotine and nicotine-free e-Juice in New Zealand.

If you are looking to buy good quality NZ Pink Lemonade e-Liquid then look no further. Our vape juices are made from the very best ingredients and adhere to the highest of safety standards – all our e Juices are created in an ISO certified cleanroom, are ISO 22000 and GMP certified, as well as using a strict quality compliance system. You can shop with confidence, from a New Zealand company, knowing that all our eLiquids are put through the most rigorous of testing!